Apointment Management System:

Booking an appointment online has grown in popularity over the past few years. Many different types of businesses use some type of Web-based and Mobile Based online appointment management system to help make the appointments setting process more streamlined. An online appointment management system allows user to register and book appointments with their service providers. Process of an online appointment Web-based management system to be used within a sector. We have conducted some experimentation to show the effectiveness of our system.

How it Works

Web applications have helped in streamlining many of the tasks we perform on a daily basis, and have made our lives easier. These applications are widely used to assist us in overcoming problems with student learning and scheduling appointments. In the past, these appointment processes were done manually and, because of this, there were many instances of overbooking or forgetting to cancel an appointment which could free up the space to schedule another in its place. To eliminate human error due to setting appointments manually, a web application will be developed to make the scheduling process easier. Also, given the busy lives that many of us lead today.

Platform IOS/Android BOTH & Web

We have created an application to run Barber Shop online to attract more customers by giving them access to online Barber Shop Appointment system. According to a survey Over 80% of appointments are booked online directly by clients. To run whole business on the IQue-Barber platform. The system is very easy to use, our team and clients love it. Below mentioned are the features:

Schedule Appointments

IQue-Barber is a clean, simple tool with a powerful calendar that can handle all your salon bookings. Features include multiple services, products.

Join Queue Of Barber Shop

Its Queue joining module provide the user the option to get in line by sitting at home and at the selected time he can visit the salon.Reduce No-Shows. IQue-Barber Send automated reminders and custom messages to clients about appointments and notify them of any changes.

Online Bookings:

Supercharge your bookings by allowing customers to book online through your website or other widgets e.g. App.

Manage your clients:

Maintain client relationships with detailed appointments history, preferences, future bookings and contact details.

Activity Dashboard:

Keep track of daily activities and never miss a beat. The dashboard displays up to date bookings, actions and notifications.

No More Phone Tag

It’s like having a receptionist work for you 24/7. Automatically send appointment reminders and specials, and take online appointment requests any time.

Spend Less Time On Paperwork

  • Roll everything employees do, sell, and earn into a complete business management system.
  •  Get ready for your upcoming day with our Dashboard, complete with Business Summary, Productivity Meter, Top Booked Services, and more.