Attendance Management System:

Booking an appointment online has grown in popularity over the past few years. Many different types of businesses use some type of Web-based and Mobile Based online appointment management system to help make the appointments setting process more streamlined. An online appointment management system allows user to register and book appointments with their service providers. Process of an online appointment Web-based management system to be used within a sector. We have conducted some experimentation to show the effectiveness of our system.

Attendance Management System:

Below are 9 features you should look for from a time and attendance module.

  •  Clocking In and Out
  •  Flexible Employee Scheduling
  •  Absence Management
  •  Real time Monitoring via Maps
  •  Mobile Based Pic Attendance
  •  Login based Teams system.
  •  Comprehensive Policy Configuration

Aligned with the above stated system this module shell allow management to:

  •  Real Time Monitoring
  •  Allocate the machine activity for equipment such as Mechanical Washer/Sweeper.
  •  Provide demographics based on the activity data
  •  To gauge the performance of equipment as well as optimize.

An online dashboard showing Activity feed in the operations room as well as accessible remotely