Fleet Management System

Complete fleet management with our innovative software now available in Pakistan. Xint Solutions’s GPS vehicle tracking systems provides you with the control over your entire fleet operations and allows you to improve your overall business performance.

1. Track real-time GPS location

the real-time location of your vehicles and make the right decisions with the help of accurate real-time data. Improve the efficiency of your business operations.

2. See current route and speed

Easily check your drivers’ route choice, monitor their speed and ensure safe and precise driving that goes as planned and is on the schedule.

3. Driver’s data right in front of you

Understanding of drivers’ current driving time, distance driven, rest periods and tachograph prediction will help to make the right decisions. Driver’s data will be a perfect addition that will fit perfectly in your route and task planning process.

Our system helps you keep track of things related to your fleet and operations. You can also take it one step further with setting up different alerts and notifications. Don’t let other things distract you – receive notifications about important events and make sure you don’t miss anything.

1. Powerful reports – use your data smart.

The comprehensive reports that come standard with our system keeps track of your fleet data and events that you want to track. This information can be used to generate powerful reports to analyse and improve your business processes and save money. Put your data to work.

2. GeoFencing-Manage Areas

Create and operate territories (also called geo-fences) on the map. They can be customised to meet even the most specific needs of businesses with vehicles. You can use these virtual fields in a multitude of ways: to divide regions and make it easier to oversee all Your cars in said regions, for example, or, if you have a car rental business, you can combine it with alerts that’ll warn you if a client has left a designated zone.