Complaint Management System

This Module will be designed to register and monitor complaints coming through different sources such as Call center, sms and email.

Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System

• Allow operation managers to monitor and resolve complaints
• All the complaint and their resolution along with feedback and confirmation
• Provide linkage to Resource Allocation module
• Assign complaints to the relevant staff in that area.
• Provide a bird’s eye view of current complaints under resolution on a map layout with location based pins.
• Enable the management to reduce the escalating negligence from staff or address any sudden needs due to unforeseen events.

How it works

Software allows user to register complaints i.e. Electricity complaint or Telephone complaint.

• Software has login page to sign-in where user enters a username and password to register a complaint.

• New user sign-up to register a complaint. This software contain sign-up form that is to be filled by the user .

• Software also provide complaint number with detail.

Provide Linkage to Resource allocation

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