Facial Attendance Management System:

Staff attendance management system deals with the maintenance of the Staff’s attendance details. It is generates the attendance of the student on basis of presence in class. It is maintained on the daily basis of their attendance. the staffs will be provided with the separate username & password to make the Staff’s status.

Facial Attendance Managment Features

Below are 9 features you should look for from a time and attendance module.
• Clocking In and Out
• Flexible Employee Scheduling
• Absence Management
• Real time Monitoring via Maps
• Mobile Based Pic Attendance
• Login based Teams system.
• Comprehensive Policy Configuration

Clocking In and Out

With the use of a biometric scanner, employees’ arrival and departure times are registered with the touch of a finger. Installation throughout work locations is easy to make it convenient for employees to clock in and out at the start of their day, for lunch and other scheduled breaks.

A benefit of tracking employee attendance with Biometric clocking terminals is it can operate remotely or on the company network. Additionally, there are key benefits to consider as employers have less concern about:

• Breaches in security – misplaced cards are not an issue; access to controlled areas remain secure
• Buddy punching – fraudulent clocking is eliminated
• Payroll overpayment – improved labor costs
• Reporting accuracy of time and attendance

Flexible Employee Scheduling

Each employee belongs to one of various skill levels, each service requirement specifies the requested employee skill level and the timing of the service delivery, and each requirement has a weight that indicates the importance of that requirement. Employees have individual flexible contracts with the organization, which are characterized by weekly/monthly contracted work hours, days the employee is available for work and availability of overtime.

Absence Management

Absence management is about reducing employee absenteeism (usually due to illness or injury) through policies and procedures. In order to have an effective impact these policies and procedures will need to be communicated to both employees and managers, with management/HR taking a a pro-active role in applying them.