Management is limited by the conventional feedback monitoring, in order to optimize resource utilization high availability systems to monitor key performance indicators helps a lot in reducing costs by indicating drawbacks in real time.

Vehicle Tracking System

Here are some essentials GPS based Vehicle Tracking Systems features:
• Real Time Tracking
• Trip History
• Alerts
• Anytime Anywhere Access
• Geo Fencing
• Historical Reports and Dashboard summary
• Access Control and User Management

Facial Attendance Management System

Below are 9 features you should look for from a time and attendance module.
• Clocking In and Out
• Flexible Employee Scheduling
• Absence Management
• Real time Monitoring via Maps
• Mobile Based Pic Attendance
• Login based Teams system.
• Comprehensive Policy Configuration

Resource Allocation & Machinery Operations Monitoring System

Operational management of routine and special activity can be divided:
• Trackable Resources Activities
• Vehicle assets activity.
• Occasional Campaigns
• EID-ul-Adha operation,
• Sunday Bazar,
• Muharram Majalis,
• other local festivities and public gatherings
• Campaigns record
Aligned with the above stated system this module shell allow management to:
• Real Time Monitoring
• Allocate the machine activity for equipment such as Mechanical Washer/Sweeper.
• Provide demographics based on the activity data
• To gauge the performance of equipment as well as optimize.
• An online dashboard showing Activity feed in the operations room as well as accessible remotely

Complaint Management System

• Allow operation managers to monitor and resolve complaints
• All the complaint and their resolution along with feedback and confirmation
• Provide linkage to Resource Allocation module
• Assign complaints to the relevant staff in that area.
• Provide a bird’s eye view of current complaints under resolution on a map layout with location based pins.
• Enable the management to reduce the escalating negligence from staff or address any sudden needs due to unforeseen events.

HR Department

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Solid Waste Collection and Dump Management

Based on RFID tags installed on Vehicles this module will keep track of

• Trips made by each vehicle to the dump site.
• On Site Cameras shell also capture each vehicle while entering and leaving the premises.
• insights using the history data to optimise the vehicle route,
• Distribute load among the vehicles in order to optimise the operations cost.
• Geo-Tagging of Waste bins