Fleet Tracking Management System:

Complete fleet management with our innovative software now available in Pakistan. Xint Solutions’s GPS vehicle tracking systems provides you with the control over your entire fleet operations and allows you to improve your overall business performance

GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking for trucks, fleets and other company vehicles offers a valuable insight into the every-day performance of your business and vehicle fleet. Regardless of whether you have one or 100 vehicles, our fleet management software will provide you with a vehicle tracking system that will perfectly suit your fleet and operation’s needs. With our GPS fleet tracking systems, you will lessen operating costs, identify inefficiencies within your business, reduce wastefulness and improve driver performance.

Track real-time GPS location

Xint Solutions offers clients a wide range of GPS fleet tracking system functions and products in Pakistan that suit any industry and any budget. We’re proud to offer everything from a Plug and Play GPS tracking system, to a complete fleet management package that will not only track the whereabouts of a vehicle, but also monitor your drivers.The real-time location of your vehicles and make the right decisions with the help of accurate real-time data. Improve the efficiency of your business operations.

Real Time GPS Location

 See current route and speed
Easily check your drivers’ route choice, monitor their speed and ensure safe and precise driving that goes as planned and is on the schedule.

Driver’s data right in front of you
Understanding of drivers’ current driving time, distance driven, rest periods and tachograph prediction will help to make the right decisions. Driver’s data will be a perfect addition that will fit perfectly in your route and task planning process.

 See precise fuel consumption
Follow your fleet fuel consumption and see average fuel consumption for your vehicles over different time intervals. Our system will help you to identify which vehicles have the highest fuel consumption and see their routes. Drivers will also waste less fuel knowing that the fuel consumption is monitored with precise sensors. This can be also used to create incentive based reward system for drivers to reward them for fuel efficient driving.

Monitor Real Time Fuel Level

Real-time fuel level will help you to better plan routes. Use it to plan refuelling stops for your fleet drivers ahead of the time, which will optimise your fleet’s routes and save time and money by eliminating unnecessary routes and fuel stops.

Available on All Devices

Xint Solutions Provide a Software which is available on all device. Software is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and the Web.

 Generate insightful fuel reports
Use your data smart. Our system collects valuable data about your vehicles, including data about fuel consumption and fuel stops. Use reports to analyse detailed information about each vehicle and driver distance travelled and fuel consumed. This can be used for different comparisons and decision making to help save and optimise fleet’s fuel economy.

Never miss a thing. Receive a notification!
Our system helps you keep track of things related to your fleet and operations. You can also take it one step further with setting up different alerts and notifications. Don’t let other things distract you – receive notifications about important events and make sure you don’t miss anything.