HR Management System

Xint Solutions’ HR management system converts long and tedious tasks into a couple of entries and a few clicks. You can now maintain your entire employee’s data in one place; reporting becomes a breeze, and employee self-service saves you time. Now you can focus on people and not paper with the help of the best HR management system!


1: Payroll Management System

The Xint Solutions’ HRMS helps you manage the computation, disbursement, and reporting of the employee’s salaries effectively and efficiently. The payroll software also provides better security and keeps the data of your employees completely confidential.

2: Leave Management System

Isn’t it better to give access to your employees than to have someone knocking on your door everyday asking about their leaves? The Xint Solutions leave management offers complete access to the employees where they can keep track of their leave allowances and so forth. Given if the employee has the access, he or she can directly apply for the leaves

3: Loan  Management System

Many organizations offer their employees the facility to avail loans. The Xint Solutions’ loan management system keeps track of all the loans and their deadlines. It provides reminders along with selecting the interest rate option.

4:  Advance salary Management System

Sometimes your employees might need a helping hand and will require advance salaries. The advance salary management system will maintain a permanent record of this and level all the pending dues. This helps in avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings between employers and employees.

5: Multiple User Access

Gone are the days when users had to submit written applications for leaves, loans, and other things. Through Xint Solution’s HRMS, each employee can be given access to manage these things independently. Once the request has been generated, the HR manager can evaluate how to proceed with the request from within the tool.

6: Attendance Management System

Not everyone remembers when they took a holiday or a leave and in order to provide complete clarity to your employees, Xint Solution’s HRMS offers attendance management as well. This will display the records of each employee and their attendance for each month.

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