Integerated SWMS

The rapid population expansion and constant economic development has increased the waste management problems. To aid the start-ups and other businesses aiming to combat waste management issues, Xint Solutions provides an integrated Waste Management System.


1.Vehicle Tracking System

As an employer, you want to keep tabs on all operations. Xint Solutions’ IWMS provides the facility of real-time GPS tracking of each vehicle. It logs all the trips made and creates a history, which can be revisited again. Alerts are also provided, especially in geo-fencing cases. The tracking system can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

2. Field Attendance Management System

How do you ensure the attendance of your employees who are in the field? Through this feature of the IWMS! Through the field attendance management system, employees can be asked to check-in and check-out for complete transparency. It offers features such as:

  • Flexible Employee Scheduling
  • Absence Management
  • Payroll Integration
  • Elimination of Missed Punches
  • Comprehensive Policy Configuration

3. Bin Management System

The bin management is also a part of this for operational purposes. You get real-time bin monitoring. Like the vehicles, the bins are also geo-monitored; if it leaves the vicinity of the buffer zone, you will receive an alert. The solid waste management system can also gauge the performance of equipment and also help in optimizing certain aspects of the operations. Like everything, if you want to overview everything then just check the Activity Feed which is accessible from anywhere.

4. Solid Waste Collection and Dump Management

For the vehicles which are installed with RFID tags, the module keeps track of trips made by those vehicles to each dumpsite. For security purposes, the on-site cameras capture the timestamp at which the vehicles left and entered the premises. The insights tool can be utilized to analyze the routes and further optimize them.

5. Complain Management System

The command center for complaints is required for every business to pay attention to the feedback provided by the customers and/or users. It registers all the complaints lodged through different sources such as call centers, SMS, and emails. The operations manager can review the complaints and assign them to relevant departments and give his/her feedback on the matter as well. This helps provide a bird’s eye view of the complaints on a map layout with location-based pins.

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