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Pakistan's #1 Digital Solutions Provider

Xint Solutions is a global software development lab and outsourcing Service provider company. We don’t just develop our products; we create custom-made dreams and ideas. Our developers sit offshore and in the U.K. Our company offers diversity, innovation, and its expertise to clients in USA, Canada, U.K., Saudi Arabia, Italy, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, Pakistan, and China.

Agile and Scrum Methodologies are at the core of our software development process and we use these to drive your ROI. Our experts, with their extensive experience and creative fearlessness have managed to develop the most challenging ideas without breaking a sweat! Scrum is a lightweight subset for Agile development, and the most commonly used one. This makes both methodologies complement one other and provide a lot of “neatness” and “clarity” to the end product.


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